Clear thinking and deep meditation work miracles together . . . a very “Practical Magic.”

So when people ask me questions about these two facets of my coaching practice, I love to respond. Drum roll please: Here are the answers to the three questions I get asked most often about my “Flash of LIght” Coaching/Meditation system.

Question 1: Why do you call your system “Flash of Light?”

Answer: One reason. A flash of light illuminates what is already there, like a bolt of lightning shooting through the sky. When you and I do a session, we’re revealing the potential, opportunities, and support that you didn’t realize already existed for you. We’re not re-inventing the wheel. We’re shifting your perspective and your capacity to access the forces that can help you live a more evolved and enjoyable life.

Question 2: How do you keep your energy strong and positive when working with clients who have big emotional, physical, or financial challenges?

Answer: Big challenges really focus and clarify my energy. My sister is an Emergency Medical Doctor, and my brother is a trial lawyer, so it must be in my genes! When I was earning my Music Therapy degree I studied several accounts of how live music alone brought people out of comas. I couldn’t wait to work with my first coma patient !

A few years later, I was the music therapist on the Physical Rehab team at St. John’s hospital in St. Louis, MO, and got assigned to work with a teenage girl who had been in a coma for over a week. In our first session I played “Under the Milky Way” by The Church for her.  She came out of her coma and began crying and vocalizing in the middle of the song. I got chills all over! When I ran to get the nurses, they didn’t believe me. I had to pull them away from their charts and into the room so they could see this beauty who had just awakened .

That’s just the tip of the ice berg. There are a lot of mind-blowingly challenging life experiences that humans have the power to transform, and I’ve worked with the big ones in my practice. (And in my life, but we’re not going there today!) There are also a lot of shoot-for-the-stars dreams people aspire to, and I’ve worked with those too! It’s a thrill to take bacl the power behind fear, emotional blocks, and insecurity and turn it into positive fuel. That’s what this work is designed to do.

Question #3: Who is the most challenging client you’ve ever worked with?

Answer: Easy. Myself! Hands down. We’re all more centered, calm, and insightful when we’re counseling someone else from a neutral, outside perspective. But when we’re living inside our own body, handling our own stuff . . . that’s the Navy Seal training course!  One of the reasons I love working with clients is because the process helps me develop and refine the coaching and meditation skills I use for my own life. I use these techniques every day. When I help my clients, I help myself. It’s a win-win, and I’m grateful for what each one of them has taught me.