The Evolution

My passion for developing both the Creative and Intellectual aspects of the human mind began early in life.

I was born in the midwest to two college professors who also happened to be performing artists. So thinking outside the box, creative re-framing, and optimizing the power of the mind was both a genetic and an environmental influence.

Although our home was small, the walls were lined with books, and the 8 of us (yes, they had 6 kids, crazy!) had plenty of paper to draw and write on. We also had a piano and full drum set, since our parents both played. So it was as exciting as a mansion to my little creative soul!

I noticed early on that developing my mind and my creativity made my days richer, my body healthier, and my goals more attainable.

I also noticed that the most beautiful friendships I made were the ones I formed when I was involved in engaging projects or creative explorations with other kids.

At 17 I moved to Chicago to study Interdisciplinary Arts at Northwestern University. Completing that degree was a rigorous, mind-expanding experience that helped me hone a both a…

Deeply Creative and a Highly Practical approach to
Art & Life.

It was a strong influence on the coaching work I do now.

I hit the ground running after graduation, working 7 days a week as a teacher , coach, and performer, and what struck me most in my work was the amazing transformational effects Dance and Music had on my students, my audiences, and myself!

Soon my passion for helping people optimize their minds, their emotional health, and their physical well-being became even more important to me than simply facilitating their engagement with art.

I was inspired at 25 to pursue a degree in Music Therapy, so I could study (and more effectively apply) the psychological and physiological aspects of the transformations I was seeing. After graduation, I enjoyed working as a Music/Dance Therapist, a teacher at two universities, and a performer.

All these disciplines fed and inspired each other, and still do to this day.

I moved to California in 2008 because I wanted to live in an area of the world where the type of transformational work I was doing was already well understood and highly valued.

As a result, my mind / body/ life coaching practice became more fulfilling than ever, and I decided to focus on it more exclusively.

Now, I spend the work portion of my days unearthing the hidden talents, gifts and desires
that my clients have not found the time to honor (yet!) in this lifetime . . .

and developing ways to incorporate that Light into the Life they have already built.

Some of my clients choose traditional life coaching, because there is so much power in re-framing and shifting the mind through clear thinking, speech, and actions. They also find the guided coaching meditations I provide as a useful catalyst.

When a client desires a more artistic or immersive experience, I love drawing on my background as an arts therapist and energy healer to create a customized coaching/ healing program. These experiences can include music, movement, meditation training, and energy healing.

If you’re curious and would like to know more, contact me directly through the “Work with Me” page on this site. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Until then,
Love to your Life!



“Our students feel free, liberated, supported and invigorated by their coaching sessions with Draža.

They have breakthroughs in their bodies, minds, and spirits that give them the greatest sense of joy and well-being. It’s a true testament to Draža’s skill and ability in leading this work.


Founder, TranscenDANCE Youth Art Project, San Diego, CA

“Draža helps her clients find a kind, open, fearless attitude towards life..

This strategy creates a mindset, and way of being that’s very potent and effective . . . and also, quite simply . . . is a basis for being more at peace with oneself.

Coupled with Draža’s skills is her light, She’s is all-in on life, and the loving embrace that she emits from her being helps her clients rediscover their own light.

Haoqui Zhang, PHD

Director of Design, Technology and Research at Northwestern University School of Engineering

“I always do a consultation with Draža before important real estate meetings.

When a deal is at the make or break point, emotions run high. Draža gives me engaging and effective ways to stay centered, be highly perceptive and empathic, and get the job done!