Personal contact and verbal coaching are the key components of the Flash of Light system. It’s how I customize my program to produce powerful, measurable results for each client.

My coaching addresses the conscious, rational mind, maps out a clear plan, and provides you with simple action steps you can begin to take immediately. Coaching sessions also create a safe, confidential space for any emotional release or expression that needs to happen before you act.

I offer various styles and lengths of sessions to fit your learning style, schedule. and financial flow.

Single Sessions:

For some clients, booking a one-shot session is enough to clear their minds, shift their perspective, and move forward with confidence. One session can be perfect when you just need an objective, clarifying presence to guide you in moving through a roadblock and back into flow.


Other clients are looking for consistent, steady support as they fulfill long term goals or clear long-standing emotional blocks. For this I offer combo packages of sessions and meditations at a discounted rate. (And you get an amazing graduation present!)

Call me for a free 5-minute consultation if you are on the fence about booking a session. You can hear my voice, feel my vibe, and see if we’re a great fit.

Here’s how it works: Submit your payment through the buttons above. Once your payment is complete, then call (619) 358-0123 or send an email to with your availability. I’ll respond to your email within 24 hours, and we’ll get your session in the books right away. All sessions must be pre-paid.


All sessions are available by phone or in person.
Let’s connect. Call for your Free 5 minute consult and ask me anything → (619) 358-0123