“Draza is a gifted meditation coach. Experiencing her guided meditations helps me in the moment and throughout my day. She makes it possible to live in the present with clarity and intention. I recommend her work to my patients and friends.”

-Kathleen Nordland,La Jolla, CA

“Draza Jansky is a gem. She is fantastic with adults and children alike. We enjoy her positive, radiant spirit.”

-Michael and Amy Caldwell, Owners, Yoga One, San Diego, CA

“Draza helped me move from an agitated state to a calm, receptive clarity. I experienced measurable changes in mind and body during our work together.”

-Dr. David P. Kearney, OMD, Santa Monica, CA

“Miraculous events happen after seeing Draza, and I say this as a very grounded business owner. The outcomes for me have been unmatched by any training or workshop I’ve ever attended. I have been able to refine my state of mind in preparation for important business events, improve my overall sense of calm, and integrate my spiritual powers more fully into the physical world.”

-Kat Fulton, RMT-BC, Founder, MusicTherapyEd.com, San Diego, CA

“My work with Draza gave me the confidence to feel calm and protected in my daily life.”

-Stephanie Lane, former Marine Sergeant, San Diego, CA

“Our students feel free, liberated, supported and invigorated by their coaching sessions with Draza. They have breakthroughs in their bodies, minds, and spirits that give them the greatest sense of joy and well-being. It’s a true testament to Draza’s skill and ability in leading this work.”

-Cat Corral, Founder, TranscenDANCE, San Diego, CA

“Her background as a professional dancer and Music Therapist, combined with her compassionate nature, makes Draza’s work very special. She has an amazing sense of body energy. I feel fortunate to have received the gift of a session with her.”

-Sanjiv Sidhu, Self-Made Billionaire, 09 Solutions and i2 Technology, Dallas, TX

“I felt beautifully nurtured and taken care of during my sessions with Draza. She created a safe space and intuitively facilitated the perfect energy flow.”

-Stephan Weigant, President, Modern Analytics, Pacific Beach, CA