One-on-One coaching sessions are ideal for receiving focused, individual attention and a personalized strategy to move you forward in an engaging way. Sessions are done in person, or by phone / Zoom.

Pricing for Private Coaching:


Single Session: $300  

Multiple Sessions: $250 each

Custom Packages: (Price variable)

(Available to select clients after completing a minimum of 3 sessions)

The custom package program is designed to take coaching out of the “classroom” and into the WORLD, so that the concepts can be directly integrated into your life. These experiences help you enjoy applying what you’ve learned in our coaching session in real time. 

Packages can include something as practical as having me accompany you to a work or social event, helping you navigate the waters in a more effective and enjoyable way. 

They can also include more immersive coaching / healing experiences, such as nature walks, travel, healing rituals, and private classes for you and friends/colleagues.

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“Draža helped me move from an agitated state to a calm, receptive clarity. I experienced measurable changes in mind and body during our work together.”

– Dr. David P. Kearney | OMD (Santa Monica, CA) –

"Miraculous events happen after seeing Draža, and I say this as a very grounded business owner. The outcomes for me have been unmatched by any training or workshop I’ve ever attended. I have been able to refine my state of mind in preparation for important business events, improve my overall sense of calm, and integrate my spiritual powers more fully into the physical world."


“My work with Draža gave me the confidence to feel calm and protected in my daily life.”

– Stephanie Lane | Marine Sergeant, San Diego –