Draža Jansky

Life Coaching & Guided Meditation

Welcome to The Light . . .


You are entering the “Flash of LIght” life coaching and meditation system designed by Draza Jansky in Los Angeles, California.

“Flash of LIght” is a crystal clear method of generating powerful intuitive insight and simple, effective action steps for any project, situation, or long-term goal.

My process utilizes both verbal coaching and guided meditation/ hypnosis. This two-part system allows your conscious and subconscious mind to align and unite their powers for the most lasting, sustainable results. Currently, I’m available to work in person with Southern California clients, and remotely / by phone with clients on all other parts of the planet. Explore the site for information on my process, my degrees and credentials, and some beautiful success stories. Call or text me to schedule a free 5-minute consultation to confirm that I’m the perfect coach for you. And grab your free gift before you go !



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